Lam Research - $12000   Oregon Department of Education - $7000   Mentor Graphics Association - $5000   KATU and Sinclair Broadcast Group - $3600   Western Precision Products - $2500   THS Parent Support Organization (PSO) - $1000  

Willamette University Programming Contest

The Willamette programming challenge is about a team of highschool students, competing to complete a set of challenges in a set amount of time. The challenges vary from year to year, varying in difficulty, practicality, and the number of them. Each team brings one computer and attempts to solve it. They are judged on practicality design and formatting of their program, if they fail to solve the problem at first they are allowed to resubmit it without penalty. At the end of it the team with the most points wins and the top three teams earn a trophy and so does one "novice" team, A novice team is defined as one who just entered that year. Every highschool in Oregon is invited to join. The registration starts at 0830 of the day, the contest starts at 1000 and ends at 1500. This contest was designed to encourage teamwork. It requires collaboration and understanding of each team. The students must learn to work together and get a program done, whether this be through troubleshooting, rough drafts, or anything of that kind.

We have two tweams this year, One Varsity Team and one JV Team. The members are as follows: