Tigard High School Technology Team


The Philomath FRC Event could have gone better.

Our FRC robot went through inspection with minimal difficulty and we actually had a few minutes to practice on the event apparatus before we went onto the field. On the practice field, we lifted as designed and things were looking good. However, the robot continued to be recalcitrant. We would clear one hurdle only to see our power drop to nothing when we sent signals to the bot. Our turning radius was huge and the new pads we put on the treads to overcome the issue with the steel and plexi-glass obstacles turned into a debacle as little pads suddenly littered the playing field. They were literally scraped off the treads by the metallic edges of the obstacles. New securing methods were employed but that did not work either. So much for improved traction...

When we did get over the obstacles, we simply did not have the power to drive the robot to a given destination no matter how much we tried and corrected issues between matches.

In twelve matches, we attempted to deploy our lifting mechanism once. To no avail as the hook fell off prior to securing itself on the lifting bar.

At the end of the seeding rounds, we stood at 3-9, ranked 28 of 30 and we were not selected for an alliance.

At least we had an early day of it. We packed up the truck and headed home.

The problems with the robot still have not been solved. We have ideas but not the time to correct any of the issues we think we may have. Surprisingly, we are ranked 120 of 152 in the PNW District according to FIRST PNW. Unfortunately, a closer examination shows that we were awarded ten ranking points we did not earn. We should actually be ranked 137 of 152. We were 138 of 153 last year. No measurable improvement... Nor will we be attending the PNW Regional this year. We need to finish in 60's for a shot at this competition.

31MAR-02APR we are scheduled to participate in the FRC Oregon City Event.

Lam Research
Mentor Graphics
Oregon Department of Education

Tigard high has one of the largest and most diverse technology teams in the state. The students compete in many events throughout the year. We compete in programming and robotics, with our team consisting of over fifty members. The Robotics portion of our team includes four FTC (4097, 3965, 3058 and 750) and two FRC teams. We introduced a League of Legends program. Last season we had five teams compete, now we've narrowed it down to two. They are competing for prize money.

Tigard also has a very expansive Information Technology course selection. With six Microsoft certifications offered, as well as five CompTIA certifications, the students leave with plenty of training. We already earned over 60 certifications this fall, and Mentor Graphics helping to pay for this years certifications, we are looking forward the upcoming season.