The start of something big

In 2006 four boys with Stevie Viaene (former THS Computer Science and Information Technology teacher) conceived the THS Robotics Club. They started with a FVC (First Vex Challenge) robotics kit and received their team number 750, which still competes today. Their efforts to build a viable robot were not successful and they did not compete in any events that year.


Intel/Trailblazers Engineering Challenge

In the fall of 2008 Stevie Viaene retired and Steve Fulton stepped in as the adviser for the robotics team. The Tigard Robotics team gained eleven more students and two private sector engineers as mentors, which enabled the team to take the next step and participate in Intel/Trailblazers Engineering Challenge. The challenge involved building a t-shirt launcher that would be used during the halftime of a Blazer game. We elected to build a remote operated vehicle using the parts and materials they had on hand. Eventually they produced a single-barreled, pneumatic, tethered vehicle called "Long Tom" that debuted on the floor of the Rose Garden. Tigard High School's first team did fantastic, being the only team capable of shooting to the upper decks, and the only team with a remote operated vehicle.

FTC Season

When the FTC season approached they found that they had too many people to operate on a single FTC robot. So the new Team 3058 and Team 750 worked through the winter in preparation for Tigard High School's first competition.


FTC Season

After working hard all winter Tigard High had two teams that went to their initial FIRST event, a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) tournament at OMSI. Team 750 scored well enough to advance to the state competition, but Team 3058 did not. At state, 750 won the Motivate Award, but was outscored in the finals.
In the fall of 2009, the team expanded to over forty students and six mentors with over half involved exclusively with FIRST robotics. They purchased another FTC robot and Team 3965 was born. But the seniors were not satisfied with the small scale robots any more. Having participated in two Intel Engineering Challenges and appeared in several sporting venues, they felt they were ready to take on a new challenge: FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). They were awarded a NASA rookie grant for FRC and with other funds from fundraising activities Team 3192 was established. With nine students and five coaches.
In the spring of 2010, our girls went to girl generation, an event where only girls come and compete. Women from around the state play last years game over again.

T-Shirt Shooter

That spring they became the Tigard High School Robotics Team and they used their new-found expertise to build a more robust chassis for our t-shirt launcher. The team was also interested in expanding our launching capabilities so they studied the various types of self-propelled guns. The students latched on to the idea of building a launcher modeled on the US Army Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS). By May they had a new robot in the house. TWAIN, an acronym for Technology Without An Interesting Name was born. At his debut, TWAIN impressed the Beavers so much that they asked us to come back three more times, earning us a total of $400

Oregon Game Project Challenge

In 2010, members of the Tech Team were engaged in the Oregon Game Project Challenge. Three OGPC teams of 4-6 members each designed and programmed games that were judged by game and animation industry professionals in Salem. The teams earned three awards:1st in programming, 1st in Game experience, and 2nd in the Game R&D Award.



Team 750, Gears in Motion, consisted of: Greg Collins(captain), Tyler Ross, Andrew Barnes, Tyler Woodward, and Casey McGregor. They earned the Innovation Award for unique design at their first regional and advanced to the semifinals at both regionals that they attended.
Team 4097, Data Virus, consisted of: MacKenzie Gray(captain), Margaret Lang, Aurora Seeber, Jennifer Deets, Laura Chapman, and Shannon Curb. They did not win any specific awards, but finished 3-1-1 in their second regional and did remarkably well for being a rookie team.
Team 3965, Twisted Metal, consisted of: Thomas Woodward (captain), Joshua Zheng, Caleb Zheng, James Dolan, and Narin Luangrath. This team advanced to the state championships and finished 12th out of 24 teams at the State Championship.
Team 3058, The Jury Riggers, consisted of: Phillip Nguyen (captain), James Anderson, Christian Wong, and Cliff Daniels. This team advanced to the state championships and finished 20th in state.
Unfortunately, upon arriving at the competition our robot experienced multiple engineering casualties and had a disappointing finish of 54 of 58. Still, team members learned about electrical systems, propulsion drives, power distribution, marketing, and team management while solving the challenge.

Oregon Game Project Challenge

Team 921, Nerdotransmitters, Addison Hoagland, Nikki Card, Kyle Arndt, and Michael Yeo, brought home the trophy for Research and Development and were lauded for the "best use of theme.
Team 920, Gravity, Casey Gregory-Neuhauser and Evan Fairley, brought home the second place trophy in the teamwork category. This was especially impressive because the team captain with all of the documentation had failed to show up on the day of the competition.
Team 919, TANSTAAFL, Holland Taylor, Alex Hoagland, Habib Fakih, David Astleford, and Andrew Barnes, brought home the Second Place Overall trophy and was .02 points away from taking first.


Girls Generation

Hosting on January 28-29, Tigard High School hosted two days of robotics tournaments for 45 teams from 35 high schools in Oregon and Washington. The teams competed for invitations to the State FTC Championships on February 25-26. We ended up hosting the largest FTC Robotics Tournament in the state that year. Virtually all the members participated and several of the school's teaching staff including Ken Teschner (Judge), Nancy Mayer (Judge), Rick Holmes (Judge) and John Weber (Referee), joined in with 40 other volunteers and parents to make the event one to remember. We received dozens of emails lauding the school facility and the people who made it happen: teams, coaches, administrators and school board members. The most memorable moment of the tournament occurred on Saturday morning. Two teams from central Oregon arrived without their coach who was at that moment getting a marrow transplant in Nashville, Tennessee. The team coach was one of the team members' mother and she had no robotics background at all. Neither team could even run their robots, much less pass inspection. The "Tiger Team" was formed including Philip Nguyen, Tyler Woodworth, Riley Deets, Kail McGrath and two THS coaches. They rebuilt the robots in two hours, helping both team pass inspection and get into the competition. One of the Centeral Oregon teams did so well they finished fifth in the seeding rounds and eventually won a ticket to the State Championships. As a reward for their efforts in putting on the THS State Qualifying Tournament, Teams 750 and 3058 earned automatic bids to the State Championship Tournament.

FTC season

The FTC robotics teams participated as competitors for the first time attending the Evergreen Aviation Qualifying Tournament on Saturday. At their conclusion, 4097 had finished 8th, 3965 had finished 9th, 3058 11th and 750 12th of the 24 teams present. Teams 4097 and 3965 each got a trophy, and everyone gained lots of experience.


On 23 March, we moved our latest FRC creation, Crouching
Tiger, into Memorial Coliseum with all his support equipment (including a cool minibot, Tiger Bit). We sadly suffered multiple engineering casualties to the robot that severely limited our ability to score and therefore compete. We finished a dismal 2-7, placing 54 of 58. Taking on the challenge, designing, prototyping, building, programming, testing and competing with the robot was the defining goal. We all grew from the experience.


In one match, we scored 10 of the 14 points our alliance scored.

Oregon Game Project Challenge

Team 920 and Team 921, headed to the competition, team 921 came home with the professionalism award.


The students wanted to expand their understanding of robots. So they dived into SeaPerch and formed nine teams, each being a three-person group. Since they were the only group in Oregon, except for INST Bruce Conway, that were participating in SeaPerch; they decided to host their own event. Luckily Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum - Waterpark, provided their facilities for them to use.

Years 2012-2013

2012-2013 Robot We fielded four teams this year
Team 750:Antonio Torres (Captain),Tiffany Chu, Mihir and Mayur Paralkar.
Team 3058: Jake Bandel (Captain), Gabe Ervin, Nick Stites, Clayton Bernard, Niah Klotz, Brendan Gende. The Jury Riggers advanced to finals of the St Helens State Championship Tournament.
Team 3965: Keven Mortensen, Michael Mota, Grant Fullerton (Captain), Troy Laviolette, Chandler Gallick and Charles Espenship. Advanced to State Championship Tournament.
Team 4097: Abbey Lewis, Gery Hristova, India Silver and Jennifer Deets (Captain). Evergreen Space and Aviation Museum State Qualifying Tournament Motivate Award Trophy, Advanced to State Championship Tournament, Oregon State Championship Tournament Motivate Award Winner.

FRC Season

Team 3192: Jack Scultz, Kail Mcgrath, Greg Collins, Alan Haynes, Cliff Daniels, Micheal Teo, Aurora Seeber, Thomas Woodward, Mackenzie Gray (Captain) Joshua Zheng (Captain), Andrew Barnes, Laura Chapman, Margaret Lang, Chris Mooney, Matt Gould, Eric Woodward, Steve Fulton, Alex Kane, Denney Cole, Chris Gardella, Reza Fouladian, Narin Luangrath, Michelle Vollmuller, and Ty Walsh

Years 2013-2014

2013-2014 Robot We fielded four teams this year
Team 750: Emma Barbee(Captain),Emily Bare, Jordan Holland, Tiffany Chu, Austin Mckee
Team 3058: Antonio Torres (Captain), Peter Strobel, Brendan Gende, Reed Colgrove
Team 3965: India Silver(Captain) Niah Klotz, Michael Mota, Michelle Alvarado
Team 4097: Ian Roberts (Captain) Abbey Lewis, Johannes Bromander, Jonathan Le

FRC Season

Team 3192: Michael Yeo, Laura Chapman, Alan Haynes, Grant Fullerton, Gery Hristova, Troy Laviolette, Chase Ford
Coaches Steve Fulton, Denney Cole, Russ Ellavsky, Matt Gould, Chris Mooney, Scott Webster

Years 2015-2016

We fielded four teams this year
Team 750: Darby Cox, Cameron Doughty, Ethan Gazin, Ryan Hardinge, Julian Lethbridge, McGuire Meek, Jesus Mendoza, Cao-duy Nguyen, Hoang Nguyen, Daniel Smotkin, Tyler Walker
Team 3058: Jaun Andreos Emma Barbee, Jan Carlson, Zack Carter, Reed Colgrove, Jason Ettenberger, Payton Johnson, Ryan Kirkpatrick, Timothy Peel, Nodica Peel, James Shea
Team 3965: Joshua Hancock, Joshua Harrington, Abdullah Haswarey, Sidarth Karki, Derian Rambo, Jacob Stollberg, Sid Sylace, Ethan Vo, Robert Wellock, Derek Williams
Team 4097: Slincia Clemens, Sophia Crawford, Jacob Demmin, James Doan, Trenton Freeman, Grace Harestad, Justin Lemke, Manson Meek, Jason Nesbitt, Joshua Rider, Allison Shultz, Connor Jacobson